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The following people have applied for licenses in the Boone County recorder of deeds office:

Stephen Brown Rimmer III, 24, of Columbia and Heather Danielle Smith, 24, of Columbia.

● Edwin Mutugi Njeru, 22, of Columbia and Lakesha Lynn Phillips, 31, of Columbia.

● Tony Arnez Palmer Jr., 24, of Green Bay, Wisc., and Jaime Rae Steiner, 26, of Columbia.

● David Anthony Gayland Brooks, 32, of Sturgeon and Deanna Christine Brooks, 31, of Sturgeon.

● Christopher Darangwa, 25, of Columbia and Staci Jean Ball, 24, of Columbia.

● Kevin Demond Harris, 30, of Columbia and Billie Jo Floyd, 42, of Columbia.

● Joshua James Ramsey, 27, of Ashland and Kalynn Tracy, 25, of Ashland.

● Edward Estil Nichols, 68, of Columbia and Regina Kay Oren, 68, of Columbia.

● Stephen Wayne Baker, 57, of Columbia and Carolyn Sue Roof, 50, of Columbia.

● John Jude Rutter, 45, of Kirksville and Megan Patricia Lederman, 30, of Columbia.

● Jefferson Lee Fitzhugh, 40, of Ashland and Emily Marie Overbeck, 33, of Ashland.

● Brian Scott Steel, 29, of Columbia and Sarah Catherine Theobald, 19, of Columbia.

● Larry John Brown Jr., 25, of Columbia and Norma Nicole Vaughn, 30, of Columbia.

● Anthony Lamar Prince, 23, of Columbia and Sarah Ann Gray, 30, of Columbia.

● Quincy Warren Butler, 32, of Columbia and Christina Ann Sanning, 34, of Columbia.

● Shawn Michael Crivello, 22, of Ashland and Stephanie Hope Skaggs, 20, of Ashland.

● Keiichi Kuroki, 39, of Columbia and Juri Ota, 38, of Columbia.





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